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The Color Purple (and Red)

As I went out to look at the weeds that are back in my yard to annoy me, to my surprise I noticed that my Morning Glory had miraculously broken ground. I had really thought that Mother Nature had destroyed the plant that I had struggled to nurture into existence. Last year's numerous rising waters of hurricanes, and an unusual week of freezing temperatures had left me with a feeling of sadness of it coming back. I was trying to find the will power to start over. You see, I had tried for two years to get my Morning Glories to grow from seed. Every time I would see progress and think they were going to mature, my lawn man would think they were weeds and WACK them down to the ground. And I would start the process over. You know what they say about insanity, "trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"! So, I moved them to a more secure spot and when they started up the wrought iron trellis, I walked my yardman over to it and said, "don't weed"!

As time passed and I forgot about them, I was thrilled to walk out one morning and had these beautiful purple flowers trailing my trellis. The purple Morning Glory is such a cool addition to our hot summer landscape. Did I say before that I was thrilled! Of course, I had to take a picture to share with the friends who had heard me "discuss" how mad I was every time the new Glory was WACKED! I was puffed up with pride!

Now about my painting. A local art organization was sponsoring a juried art show with a theme of Purple and Red. All submissions had to be predominantly done in these two colors. These are not two colors I consciously think of when starting a painting, but I was interested in working towards an entry. I started scrolling through my many photos and came across my photo of my Morning Glory. I became aware that I had included my beautiful red and yellow croton in the photo. That was the start to my creation of Morning Glory with Croton. The painting was juried into the art show, and I still love the combination of those colors of purple and red with a touch of yellow. I haven't noticed any blooms on the trellis yet, but I am hopeful. As my mind starts to fret over the upcoming hurricane season and Mother Nature's rising waters, I will try to think of this quote I found about Morning Glories and try to live my life accordingly:

"Happiness is NOW! It isn't tomorrow. It isn't yesterday. Happiness is like a

Morning Glory: Yesterday's won't bloom again, tomorrow's hasn't opened yet.

Only today's flower can be enjoyed today. Be happy this moment, and you'll

learn how to be happy always."

Goswami Kriyananda

Thanks for connecting,


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