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The Beauty of Differences

Mr. Bill, Tomato Man

Hey Darling, I Got Tomatoes

Several summers ago, a group of my art friends and I went to the Farmers Market every Tuesday to paint. It was a wonderful experience of vibrant colors, interesting shapes, and outstanding personalities and characters.

I love contrast. Whenever you study design or work on a composition, contrast can be a wonderful part of a piece of art. 2D, 3D, music, dance, all use the principle of contrast. Mainly because it is used to get the viewer or audience's attention. A dropped book during a quiet moment, a bright color in a design of neutrals, a loud symbol bang in a relaxing song; attention getters.

While sitting for several hours painting, I had the time to watch these two sellers of tomatoes. Each were getting there product sold, but the beauty was to watch the differences they had in their method of sales. Mr. Bill never sat down. His booth was right in the middle of the facility. He was standing and slicing tomatoes, putting them out on plates for anyone going past to try them. He spoke to all who passed and was explaining the reason why his tomatoes were the best. "Try it, you'll see for yourself."

Then there was the the lady over to the side of the facility. She had no table and her boxes were stacked up behind her. She was just as proud of her tomatoes. She hollered to anyone passing by, "Hey Darling, come check out these tomatoes. Go over there and grab one. You'll see for yourself!" She never got out of her chair, she never picked up a tomato. She just hollered to all who passed and was enthusiastic about telling anyone who came by to come on in and check out her tomatoes.

Both of these people were there every Tuesday. Both of them were very successful in their sales. I just really enjoyed their differences. Like contrast, the difference gets your attention. I love a quote by Maya Angelou, "In diversity there is beauty and there is strength." I hope you will see as much beauty and strength of these two diverse tomato seller as I do. They both made me smile. Thank you for letting me share with you my Farmer's Market paintings, Mr. Bill, Tomato Man and Hey Darling, I Got Tomatoes.

Thanks for connecting,


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