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The Three Graces

Day 4 of my salute to the camellia. It is the last of my paintings of the camellias that I was asked to paint for the family of the late Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Clower. Thank you to the Cottrell and Sheehan family for honoring me to do these paintings of your Clower heritage. And thanks for letting me share my paintings with you. From my research, these are just a few of their contributions and all are beautiful.

Even though these don't have an official title, I call them the three graces. If you grew up in my generation or before, this is something you might see in many southern homes across the camellia area. Growing up, if there was an event hosted by a southern woman, it was common to see these in locations around a home. The camellia has short stems and are hard to use in a vase. Therefore, they would find a low dish, bowl, or tray to float the camellias. It might be glass, crystal, or silver. On a side table as an accent or as the centerpiece on a dinning room table, the camellia was brought inside to show off it's beauty. In this case, it is on a tray that the Clowers won in a camellia show. The camellias are the Simeon, the T.S. Clower, Jr., and the Clower Red.

Thanks for letting me share these works with you. When the mums of fall and the poinsettias of Christmas are faded memories, and the gray skies of January take over, it can become a downer. But in our area of the South, we fortunately have carnival take over and these beautiful strong flowers of winter show up to give us joy. Thanks to Mother Nature, we always have something joyful from her to look forward to.

Thanks for letting me share!


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