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So Long, Farewell


New Year's Eve! The end of a year. Auld Lang Syne! We sing this song as a year comes to a close. So this title immediately came to mind. But as I show the paintings that I have said good bye to this year, that song seems too sad for the emotion I have for them. The feeling I have is more that of the song from The Sound of Music, "So Long Farewell". More upbeat!

Some of these paintings have been with me for several years and others barely made it off the table to be in a show, sold , and never to come home again. I love everyone of them and they are all special to me. Emotionally, I wonder if I have it in me to do it again. That makes me want to horde them and keep them forever. Just in case!

I was given some good advice about wanting to hold on to my paintings. I was taking a pottery course at William Carey College to renew my teaching certificate. Let me state, I am not a potter. I had taken several pottery classes during undergraduate school. In this pottery class we had a class critique every week of what we had created. The instructor, a well respected potter, was discussing each piece. He came to my pots, held one up, and said, "this is perfect!" I was thrilled and exclaimed, "I'm keeping it." I guess the instructor thought this was a teachable moment. He stopped the critique and told the class, "never hold on to your art if someone wants it. Let it go! As artists, there is always another piece of work in you."

So today, I say farewell to these paintings. I guess you have to look back in order to see the silver lining of what seemed like a hectic, chaotic year. When I look at these paintings I have several emotions. One, is that of sincere gratitude in the people that wanted my paintings. Second, saying goodbye to them is bitter-sweet. I feel like someone that has a foster puppy that they have to find a home for. Sad because you love them but glad they have found their forever home. My part is done. I was very much a part of the life of each painting. I love every one of them, but I am very happy they have found there home and a wall to hang on for others to enjoy.

Now, on to a new year and my next painting. Happy New Year!

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