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Salute to Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day I am posting two paintings. Two paintings that my father asked me to paint for him. The only paintings my father asked me to paint. In my house growing up, art was not an important subject. In my house it was sports. Sports were my father's passion. And it was definitely a passion. If it had a ball, a hook, or a finish line, it was important in our household. It wasn't that he didn't support me in my art. It just wasn't conversation worthy. But support he did give me. Because he believed in pursuing your passions. And once started, you saw it through to the end. Quitting was not an option! So in honor of Father's Day I share with you the two paintings I painted for him: The Great Southern Club, the clubhouse to his golf course and where many of his and my childhood stories took place. The other is Honeymoon Cottage, the affection name he and his fishing buddies gave to his favorite fishing hole on the Pearl River. The paintings are still in the family because to me they will always belong to my father and my way of saying "I love you" to him.

So to all you father's, Happy Father's Day!

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