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Day 9/The 12 Days of Christmas: The Age of Innocence

Adventure: The Conqueror

"Snips and snails and puppy dog tails". This line does describe a little boys innocence. This painting comes from a vintage polaroid photo. In it I try to capture how little boys take on life. When asked to go crabbing, he picks up his net and approaches the experience like a big game hunter on safari. He walks into the Gulf water, helps to hammer the stake into the sandy bottom, attaches the baited string to the stake, and throws it into the water. Now comes the hardest part for a little boy, The Wait! He sits on the sand beach and watches that string for what seems like hours, but is really just a few minutes. When the adult says let's check the line, he takes off running, only to be told that you have to approach slowly and quietly...the second hardest thing to do! So he changes tactic. He approaches slowly like a panther stalking his prey. His eyes never leave the string. They slowly draw the line in and he sees the monster attached to the bait. The excitement in his body is almost electrical. He takes his net and scoops it up. The crab is caught. He lifts the net up high over his head, water dripping from the knotted strings. He turns and looks up at you with eyes that are as bright as stars. He almost squeals his words as he announces to you "I Got Him"! I give you that boys adventure in my painting for Day 9: Adventure: The Conqueror

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