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Day 4/The 12 Days of Christmas: The Age of Innocence

Band Aid

Childhood! The fall downs, the cuts, the scraps that every child receives in life. How do we all survive all those BoBos? Even into adulthood and old age we hurt ourselves and the first thing we reach for is a "band aid" to make it feel better. But in those early years, when we fell down and the BoBos came, there was the extra something that came with the band aid. There was the person that picked you up, hugged you, gave you a kiss, and comforted you with those sweet magical words..."there, it's all better!" as the band aid is applied. With these words those band aids seemed to always have a magical healing power. We will continue to put band aids on our wounds throughout our lifetime, but they will never have the healing magic that they had in those early years without those magical words of love. In todays painting for Day 4 I hope you can feel the magic in my painting: Band Aid

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