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Day 3/The 12 Days of Christmas: The Age of Innocence


The wonders of childhood, where everything is new. A moment when these beautiful little pebbles of every color are put in the palm of your hand. They are beautiful! Then you are told to eat them. You have permission to put them in your mouth and this wonderful, sweet, fruity flavor is discovered. They are wonderful! It is the moment in time when you discover the delight of candy. Never to be forgotten. I hope you enjoy the emotion of the day that candy is discovered with my painting for Day 3: Skittles

Thank you for connecting,


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1 Comment

Cissy these are beautiful 💖 just like you! You certainly have a gift to share. In my mind you will always be the voice and face of the Drew Barrimore little girl from ET but with a ponytail. What a beautiful woman you've become. So happy we reconnected.❣️ Merry Christmas with love you and your McCabe family 💖

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