Water!  I was born to a community surrounded by water, in a month that is a water symbol.  Maybe that is why I am always drawn back to the media of watercolor.  I have worked in most of the other media but it is to watercolor that I come back.  I am always attempting to control it; but like holding water in your hands, it is best to just go with it and enjoy the feel of it slipping through your fingers.  I really feel it is the emotions that water evokes to which I am drawn: calm, angry, peaceful, moving, reflective are emotions that I feel are expressed in my paintings.  When the water and I are working together in the creating process, it is like skimming over waves in a boat with the spray in your face.  It is a glorious ride.  I hope my paintings create feelings for you. 




The Great Escape


Sailboats in the Harbor

14" x 7"

Safe Harbor


Cast Net Fisherman

13" x 17"

White Sailboat

20" x 24"

Three Skiffs

17" x 13"

Red Sailboat

20" x 24"

© 2017 by Cissy McCabe Quinn