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Day 6/The 12 Days of Christmas: The Age of Innocence

Kiss the Baby

You know that period of innocence when everything you see is new. A rolly polly inching its way across a sidewalk is worth a long few minutes of watching before you have to pick it up and watch it roll into a ball. Your grandmother's cat that you see for the first time and squeal and watch it run behind the sofa. It is a staring contest, but you are determined to wait it out and catch it for a hug. Or discovering reflections. Reflections are fascinating. You look into a pond and no amount of splashing makes the image go away. Or you see the baby in the car as you walk by and you want to give her a kiss. But she doesn't kiss you back! Why! Oh, the discoveries that are made everyday. I don't know what is more joyful, the discovery that the child makes that the little girl in the car is herself, or the person watching who just can't get enough of the cuteness in watching the discoveries. I share with you this joyful moment in my painting for Day 6: Kiss the Baby

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