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Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella

.Lost! Have you ever felt that frozen moment where unsurety stops you in your tracks? Most of the time it does not last long because a decision has to be made as to your next step. The decision is yours to make but sometimes that step is made easier by a person. Many times it is a stranger, a chance meeting for that moment. You won't ever see them again. Like a man on a subway platform that walks up and tells you what line to take, or a nurse that puts her hand on your shoulder and tells you it is going to be OK. In that moment it isn't the words, they really aren't necessary. It is the look. The look of knowing. The look of understanding. The look of compassion. That look that gives you the strength to make the decision of your next step. That look of compassion and kindness has nothing to do with age, gender, race, or even a language barrier. There is just a gentleness in the moment. So I share with you my painting of one of those moments. A moment where lost is seen and that look of kindness and compassion is given. My painting, Ciao Bella.

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