Cissy McCabe Quinn

Cissy McCabe Quinn was born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  She spent her childhood swimming in the bayous, playing on the sand bars, and fishing in the waters.  These childhood experiences have had special influences on her artistic inspirations.  These are the subjects that she continues to return.  Watercolor has been her media of choice since working with Charles Ambrose at Mississippi University for Women, where she received her BFA, and then studying with him again at William Carey College on the coast.  As an art teacher, she worked and created with all material and media, but watercolor is where she always returns.  The ability to layer

one color over another, over and over, creating layers of depth, and continue to see the beginning color and brush stroke is inspiring.  It allows you to look deeply into the painting, past the surface; it draws you into the scene you are painting. Nature has always been her inspiration and teacher.  It also draws her in to see past the surface, to see the layers of creation.  A decaying fishing cottage on the banks of the bayou, with rich neutral colors of the weathered wood that contrast with the warm inviting red of the rusty roof; the embrace of lush, overgrown foliage; the aging majestic shrimp boat with peeling paint and rusty rigging reaching up to the heavens; birds flying over the waters like angels flying low with grace and joy.  These scenes are her inspiration and in painting them she hopes to share the experience with the viewer and to preserve our heritage of beautiful, natural resources

© 2017 by Cissy McCabe Quinn